Mission statement

The primary objective of Rodman Library is to provide and organize significant materials in a variety of formats, including books, recorded materials and technology formats, and to give guidance in their use. Staff will assist people in their search for reliable information and in their exploration of a more secure and creative pattern for living.

This library will provide for and develop the cultural, informational and recreational needs of our residents.

Work with children is important to the community and the future of library use. Our goal is to extend, cultivate, and encourage life-long education and to promote enjoyment of reading for all ages, with special emphasis upon children.

Rodman Library has a special responsibility in serving the educational needs of the community. As part of this goal, the Library provides:

  1. Expertly selected books and other materials, including technology, for use in development and enrichment of the human spirit.
  2. Advice and guidance in the use of these materials and the technology which houses them.
  3. Information and research services to aid in the search for knowledge and learning.
  4. Cooperation with community groups and agencies in stimulating educational and cultural activities.
  5. Sponsorship of discussion groups, seminars, and other forums to encourage continuing learning through the use of books, other materials and technology sources.

Rodman Library functions primarily as a public educational agency, and secondly as a recreational agency serving the Alliance City School District and the Marlington School District, in the field of communication media, such as books, pamphlets, periodicals, audio-visual materials and technology. The Library seeks to build knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and wisdom in adults, young people, and children. It constantly strives to maintain the democratic principles of our American heritage.

Library service is given to all who request it, regardless of race, creed, occupation, color, or financial position. The Library focuses its services to the residents of all ages of Alliance, Marlington Townships, Sebring, and the West Branch areas.

The Library recognizes that services must be provided within the Main Library, Branch and Bookmobile, and also to residents via electronic access.

The Library recognizes the resources of area libraries at the University of Mount Union and area schools, and works to cooperate with those facilities.