Teens! at Rodman Public Library


Dance Off Competition 05/09:

Teens, ages 12-18, show us your moves in our first ever Dance Off Competition on Thursday, May 9, at 3 p.m., in Rodman Auditorium! A variety of game systems will be in use for this intense head-to-head, double elimination dance competition, including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One with Kinect, WiiU and the original Wii. Teens will dance in this event to Just Dance 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Random songs will be chosen for each battle. The finals will be played on RPL’s big screen. A prize will be awarded. No registration is needed. For more information, call the Main Library at 330-821-2665, ext. 214.

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Teen Nerf Night 05/01, 05/15, 05/29:

The Teen Writing Club meets on every other Wednesday of the month. For ages 12-18, the purpose of this group is to meet with fellow teen writers to work on writing exercises and hone skills. Any teen can join. Share work with the group if desired. The next meetings will be on Wednesday, 1st, 15th, and 29th, from 4 to 5:30 p.m., in the Computer Class (4/3) and Alliance Room (4/16). No registration is needed. For more information, call the Main Library at 330-821-2665, ext. 213.

Teen Gaming Day 05/02, 05/16 & 05/30:

On Thursdays, from 3-5pm., are teens, ages 12-18, are invited to Rodman Public Library to play their favorite video games on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 with Kinect, Playstation 3 & 4, Nintendo Wii & Wii U, Nintendo Switch. Visitors will have the opportunity to play a different game each week. Games with ratings from "E" for Everyone, up to "T" for Teen level, will be offered. Along with video games, iPads are available to the teens.  No registration is required for these free events.  For more information call the library at (330) 821-2665, Ext. 214.  Video gaming is in partnership with Synergy of Alliance.     

Teen Nerf Night 05/09:

Teens, ages 12-18, are invited to join us at the Main Auditorium on Thursday, May 9, from 5:15 to 7 p.m., for an after-hours, Nerf Challenge event. Teens are allowed to bring their Nerf weapons that follow the guidelines of the program. Guidelines include: Nerf weapons must be original colors (no paint or tape can obscure Nerf markings), the tips of the Nerf weapons cannot be tampered with in any manner, and all Nerf weapons will be tested before play. We reserve the right to ban any Nerf weapons deemed unacceptable. There will be a limited number of Nerf weapons on hand to use as well. No registration is needed. For more information, call 330-821-2665, ext. 214.

Tabletop Strategy Gaming 05/21:

Do you like to play games of strategy such as Ticket to Ride, Zombicide, or Magic the Gathering? Or want to try something new? If so, join us in the library’s auditorium on Tuesday, May 21, at 6 p.m., to share your interest with other like-minded individuals of all ages. Each month there will be a different featured game a staff member will teach you to play. This month's featured game is Pandemic. Light refreshments will be provided. For more information, contact DJ Digianantonio at 330-821-2665, ext. 214.   

Teen Trivia Night 05/23:

Teens, 12-18, are invited for a Teen Trivia Afternoon of universal trivia leading up to this year’s Summer Reading Program theme, “A Universe of Stories.” This challenging team event will take place on Thursday, May 23, from 3 to 5 p.m., in Rodman Main Auditorium, so gather your group of three or four players for this competition. The program will kick off with a digital scavenger hunt with participants following clues hidden throughout the library. This second part of the program will test knowledge of various universes (our own, Marvel, DC and various fandoms) in a series of game show themed games. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team. Snacks will be offered. For more information, call 330-821-2665, ext. 214.

Anime Club 05/28:

All teens, ages 13-18, are invited to Rodman Public Library on the last Tuesday of each month from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Teens will have the chance to pick their favorite episodes to be shown on RPL’s big screen. Anime Club will meet in the library's main auditorium located at 215 East Broadway Street in Alliance, OH. No registration is required. For more information, call 330-821-2665, ext. 214.