Marcie Fitzelle Retires After 13 Years at RPL

Ask Marcie Fitzelle what she has enjoyed most about working at Rodman Public Library, and she will give you a two-word answer.

“The kids.”

Ask the 13-year children’s department assistant what she will miss the most as she heads off into retirement, and you get that same two-word answer.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with the children,” explained Fitzelle, whose retirement goes into effect June 1. “I’ve enjoyed watching them grow up and turn into readers.”

Over the past several years, Fitzelle has read hundreds of stories to hundreds of children during the Storytime sessions that she has conducted. She has interacted with them and their families at the children’s circulation desk and during many other special events at RPL.

“Some of the kids come in and they are so shy,” said Fitzelle. “But little by little, they get to know you and then they look forward to coming to the library and we all become friends. It’s so fun to see them grow up that way.”

Previous to joining the RPL staff, Fitzelle was working as a receptionist at a local doctor’s office. When it downsized, she says she was lucky that the library had an opening.

“I never thought that I would work at a library,” said Fitzelle despite the fact that she loves to read and she had volunteered for years at the Rockhill School Library. “My sister encouraged me to apply and it was a good decision. This has been a great job all these years. I truly have enjoyed working with everyone here.”

However, Fitzelle believes now is a good time to retire and spend more time with George, her husband of 47 years; their sons, Shawn and Erik; and their grandchildren, Daegan and Braelynn.

The couple plans to do some traveling and lots of fishing.

“We like to do a lot of outdoors things,” said Fitzelle. 

But don’t be surprised if you still see Fitzelle at RPL.

“I plan to come back and volunteer,” said Fitzelle.