Coupons for Troops (Troopons)

The Friends of Rodman Library is starting, in February, a collection of coupons for Support Our Troops® Troopons® to send to our military. This program enhances the well-being of overseas and domestic military families by sending them food, non-food, baby and pet manufacturer coupons to make their dollars go further. Most coupons will go over overseas to military bases while some will remain in the United States. While it’s easy for military families to obtain coupons from magazines and newspapers here at home, sometimes they can’t afford to purchase the items that provide the coupons. On overseas military bases, stores accept manufacturer coupons from the U.S.

Shopping abroad can be tough for military families. Currency exchange rates don't always benefit them, so every coupon that can help them save money in their on-base store makes their American dollar worth more for items off-base. Just stop by the Main Library at 215 E. Broadway St., with your donation of coupons and drop them into the collection box. The Friends of the Library will gather the coupons and see that they are sent to the appropriate sources. Thank you for your support!