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Memorial bookplateAll of us cherish memories. We have a special fondness for remembering close friends and relatives. Often we show our appreciation for the privilege of friendship and family loyalty through gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. At those times we look for a special gift to tell that person how much we care.

Too frequently we suffer the loss of a close friend or relative. Upon such occasions our desire to remember becomes more acute, more immediate.

Rodman Library suggests that a gift to honor a friend upon a special occasion or to remember a friend or relative at the time of loss may be the gift of a book placed in the Library's collection. Such a memorial or honor book should be chosen to reflect a special interest of the person to whom it is dedicated. It is a gift which would be used and enjoyed by countless other friends in the community, creating an ever widening circle of recognition for the person being remembered.

A gift may be given to the Library in any amount the donor wishes. The Library will choose a book or books which fit the interest of the person being remembered or honored. It is the policy of the Library to spend gifts of money for useful books and materials which could not otherwise be afforded.

Each gift book will have a special bookplate which gives the name of the person to whom the book is dedicated and the name of the donor.

The Library will notify the person honored or, in the case of death, the surviving relatives.

Please print out the form below for gifts to Rodman Library. All gifts are tax deductible.

Print and Send To:
Rodman Public Library
215 East Broadway Street
Alliance, OH 44601
Phone: 330-821-BOOK (2665)

A gift in memory of or honor of_________________________________________
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Amount of gift: ______________________________
(please make check or money order payable to Rodman Public Library)

Given By: ___________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

Additional donor: ____________________________

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Please notify: _______________________________

Address: ____________________________________

Type of book: (Check one)

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