Automatic Renewals

Rodman Library recently implemented an automatic renewal system. Your checked out materials will be automatically renewed when a courtesy notice is sent via email or text message. This means that when your item is due, it will be automatically renewed for you.

There are a few things to remember: Your items will automatically renew as long as the item IS ELIGIBLE FOR RENEWAL—no one else has a hold on it and you haven’t exceeded the maximum number of renewals. This applies to materials obtained from Rodman and Louisville Libraries and SearchOhio. It is REALLY important to note that you can’t just assume that everything is guaranteed to renew. If someone has requested the item or if you have exceeded the maximum number of renewals, the item WILL NOT renew.

Please carefully read the courtesy notices we send. Email notices will show you which items renewed and which didn’t, while text notifications will simply remind you that some of your items may have been renewed. If you prefer, you may continue to receive only phone notices (for items on hold for pick up and overdue). Providing your email address in addition will allow you to receive courtesy notices while still getting item hold pick up and overdue phone calls.

Please be sure to check your patron account to be sure you know which items should be returned. We hope you will find that this change makes your life a little easier.

As always, you can still call the Main Library at 330-821-2665, or the Branch Library at 330-821-1313 if you have any questions about when your materials are due.