Local Scouts to Present 'Winter Survival 101'

Scouts BSAThe Scouts BSA know how to stay safe in winter weather conditions.

 Each year, troops all across the country take part in Klondike campouts, using these learned skills. Many hold a Klondike derby that is based on the heritage of the Klondike Gold Rush, a tradition among Scouts since 1949.

The event varies by district, but the typical Klondike derby consists of several stations where patrols/units must test their Scoutcraft skills and their leadership abilities, earning points towards a total score.

Scouts from Alliance-area troops will talk about how they navigate wintry conditions during “Winter Survival 101,” a One Book One Community event, at Rodman Public Library on Tuesday, February 21 at 7 p.m. Topics will include fire starting, shelter building, cooking and preparation for winter camping.

Registration is required.


Of course, the most important thing about spending time outdoors during winter is to stay warm. Scouts use the “C-O-L-D” method to stay warm.

  • C=Clean: Since insulation is only effective when heat is trapped by dead air spaces, keep your insulating layers clean and fluffy.
  • O=Overheating (avoid it): Avoid overheating by adjusting the layers of your clothing to meet the outside temperature and the exertions of your activities.
  • L=Loose layers: A steady flow of warm blood is essential to keeping all parts of your body heated. Wear several loosely fitting layers of clothing and footgear that will allow maximum insulation without impeding your circulation.
  • D=Dry: Sweaty, damp clothing and skin can cause your body to cool quickly, possibly leading to frostnip and hypothermia. Keep dry by avoiding clothes that absorb moisture.

The Scouts will share this knowledge and more at “Winter Survival 101.”