Your Historic Home: Alliance’s First Housing Boom—A Thousand Homes

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Levi LambornElisha TeetersThe Alliance Area Preservation Society (AAPS) presents Your Historic Home: Alliance’s First Housing Boom—A Thousand Homes, the first public program in this year’s Your Historic Home project, on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the Rodman Public Library Auditorium.

Robb Hyde, AAPS President, will talk about the home sites laid out by Elisha Teeters and Levi Lamborn after the Civil War. Nine hundred and ninety lots were created between Union Ave. on the west, Mahoning on the east, Broadway on the north, and Milner on the south....the heart of Alliance and its 19th Century boom years.

The first neighborhoods of Alliance were surveyed even before the town’s incorporation, but the community began years of explosive growth immediately after the Civil War. The Teeters-Lamborn Addition was platted in 1865, and encompassed most of the land east of Union Avenue and west of Mahoning between Columbia and Cambridge Streets. Houses were followed by schools, churches and small neighborhood stores and businesses. The program will trace the development, thriving heyday and recent retrenchment of the central section of the City of Alliance. It will also highlight the interesting stories of Teeters and Lamborn, two of the founding fathers of Alliance.

AAPS’ focus on research in the first part of 2017 will be on the Teeters-Lamborn Addition and its rich history in the heart of Alliance. The program will conclude with a few basic research tips on investigating individual homes. AAPS will conduct a workshop for those interested in more in-depth research on June 6.

Over the next several years, Your Historic Home will continue to help people throughout the community unlock the history of their own historic homesbe it a 19th Century Second Empire or a 50s Ranch home. AAPS plans to build a strong foundation of knowledge about the homes of Alliance, and help individuals learn how to research the history of their house. Each year we focus research, surveys and programming around a particular house type found in the area, or a specific neighborhood in Alliance. We will also conduct the house history research workshops to teach people about the resources available to research the history of their home.

Rodman Public Library is located at 215 E Broadway St. in Alliance. Free Parking is available. The Alliance Area Preservation Society is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic structures through education, research and documentation. It also owns and operates the Haines House, 186 W. Market St. in Alliance, ( an Underground Railroad site listed on the National Register of Historic Places.




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