Notify me of new titles

Let the Library notify you when the latest books by your favorite author or on your favorite topic arrive. All you need is a valid email address.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Login to your account by clicking the My Account/Renew button located at the top of any screen.
  2. Click the "Search Catalog" button and search for your favorite author, subject, series, etc.
  3. Click the "Save this search" button.
  4. Return to your account information by clicking the "Patron Record" buttonNotify1
  5. Verify your email address. If your email address does not display or is incorrect, click the "Modify Personal Information" link. Update your email address and click "Submit".
  6. Click the "Favorite Searches" button and check the box in the "Mark for Email" column. When a new title matching your search is cataloged, you will receive an email from the library listing the author and title. Follow the link in the message to place a reserve on the new title. The library will call you when it is ready for you to checkout.Notify3


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