Eat at BW3 April 26 to Help Friends of RPL Raise Funds

Friends of RPLEat at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday, April 26 and help raise funds for the Friends of Rodman Public Library. Diners at the BW3 location at 310 W. State St. in Alliance can present a ticket obtainable at the library or tell their server they want to support the Friends of Rodman Library in order for 15 percent of their total bill to be donated to the organization.

Sebring McKinley Students Share Writings Inspired by "The Children's Blizzard"

The following are pieces of creative writing inspired by Melanie Benjamin’s The Children’s Blizzard produced by students of Nicole Mathias at Sebring McKinley High School.


I was on my way home after the storm had lifted. The winds were very harsh, so I was forced to stay with my mother. But now it had lifted and I was going home. It was very peaceful until I saw a hawk flying in circles around something. I wasn’t in a rush, so I went over to see what it was. I couldn’t see it at first with all of the white snow, but then I saw it.