Rodman Library's catalog

Here are some things to look for when using the library catalog:

  • On the main screen, there is a dropdown box for keyword, author, title, subject, call number or ISBN.
  • The catalog includes titles owned by Rodman Public Library and Louisville Public Library. Items may be requested from both libraries for checkout.
  • Try the "Good Reads" menu option for access to our "Featured Lists" of new titles or other suggestions of titles.
  • The shopping cart has been replaced by a book bag.
  • You can start a new search at any time by clicking the "New Search" link at the top of any screen.
  • The links at the very top right of any catalog screen provide a clean print of the browse screen or individual record screen without all the extra clutter, help on using the catalog, and login to your account for renewing, reserving, or paying fines.

For additional information on how to use our catalog, check out "Using the Catalog" on our website or click the "Help" link at the top right of any catalog screen.

Please call the library at 330-821-2665 if you encounter any problems or have any questions.