Careers, Jobs, & Testing

​ArtistWorks connects you with world-class musical instruction from Grammy Award-winning music and artistic professionals.  This service uses self-paced video lessons to teach a variety of topics like banjo, guitar, scratching, art, and many more.  Course levels offered go from beginner to advanced.  All courses are free of charge.

Gale Courses
Gale Courses offers interactive, instructor-led courses that can be taken entirely online to support lifelong learning and continuing education. This program is free, with unlimited usage to library patrons and includes courses on Computer and Technical, Careers and Professional, Writing and Publishing, and Personal Development (such as Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business).

​Glassdoor is free a free career resource that links the user to company reviews, salary data, interview insights, and available jobs within various companies.  This information is to help make informed decisions while job searching  

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library provides users access to materials to prepare for a variety of student and career based testing.  Create a free login to get yourself ready for things like SAT, ACT, or a variety of job based testing.  With helpful videos to get you started and to help you get the most of this service.

Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) is a web-based computer program to connect low and moderate-income Ohioans with access to work supports such as tax credits and public benefits. For further information and assistance contact the Reference Department at (330)821-2665 option 5 to schedule an appointment.

Ohio Driver Education
This resource provides free practice tests for the written portion of Ohio Department of Transportation's various driving exams.

ReferenceUSA Home access
ReferenceUSA provides quality information to help you: Search for jobs, location, and industry, find new business opportunities, research executives and companies worldwide, track down addresses and phone numbers, find news articles for research, locate out-of-town companies, or profile a neighborhood, city or state.Stark County Employment Source.

Transparent Language Online
Learn to read, speak, and write over 100 different languages.  Transparent Language Online uses self-paced lessons and games to teach language in a fun, low stress way.