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Ordering Alliance Index articles

Requests for staff to copy library materials from the Alliance Index including obituaries and other microfilm articles are one dollar ($1.00) per scanned or printed page, payable in advance. We will answer your letter as quickly as possible. Follow these easy steps to order articles you have found:

To save the items you wish to order:

How to order an article from Alliance Index

  1. Search the catalog for the items you want. For these, place a  check mark in the Mark column for the items that you want. Click the button marked Save Marked Records. If you want to save all the records on the screen, click the Save All on Page button.
  2. When viewing an individual item, click the Save Record button for those you want to save.
  3. Continue searching and marking records as noted above. When you are finished selecting records, you are ready to view and print them or send them via e-mail. Click on the button marked View Saved Records to continue.

How to order an article from Alliance Index

To print the items you wish to order:

  1. Select the View/Print Saved Recs button to view or print your saved records.

    How to order an article from Alliance Index

  2. Select the format of the records to view.
    - Full Display is longer and includes everything in the record
    - Brief Display includes Name, Title, Date of article, and Page.
    You will probably choose Brief Display most often.
  3. Click on the Submit button to view the list on the screen.

How to order an article from Alliance Index

  1. Use your browser's print option to print the list. Mail your printout with $1.00 per item to:
      Reference Department
      Rodman Public Library
      215 E. Broadway St.
      Alliance, OH 44601
    Please include:
    - Your name
    - Your postal address
    - Your email address
    - Your phone number
    with your request.

How to order an article from Alliance Index

PLEASE NOTE: Any amount you send over the costs of your order will be treated as a donation to Rodman Public Library.

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