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Ages 9-11

August 27, 2012

Book jacket image The Adventures of Beanboy, by Lisa Harkrader
Wheaton, Kansas seventh-grader Tucker MacBean loves comic books, so when his favorite comic has a contest to create a sidekick, he is hopeful that he can win, thereby fixing his struggling family.

Book jacket image The Five Lives of Cat Zook, by Joanne Rocklin
As ten-year-old Oona and younger brother Fred conspire to break their sick cat Zook out of the veterinary clinic, Oona tells the story of Zook's previous lives.

Book jacket imageMan on the Moon : How a Photograph Made Anything Seem Possible, by Pamela Dell
This book explores and analyzes the historical context and significance of Neil Armstrong's iconic photograph of Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon in 1969.