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T-Shirt Design

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Teens, 12-18, are invited to use their creativity at the Design-a-T-Shirt Event on Thursday, June 5, from 3 to 5 p.m., in Rodman Main Auditorium. Teens must bring blank T-shirts to use. There will be two types of designs for the shirts. The first process will involve using cutout shapes and bleach with the design being bleached into the shirt. The second process is called Sharpie Tie-Dye. The shirt will be colored with multi-colored Sharpies. After coloring, rubbing alcohol will be used on the shirt to spread the color giving it a tie-dyed look. Participants interested in doing the bleach T’s will need dark shirts and those wanting to do the tie-dye will need lighter shirts. Teens are free to make both types of shirts.

This program is free and open to all teens. No registration is needed. Materials (except t-shirts) are provided by the Friends of Rodman Library. For more information, call 330-821-2665, ext. 214.

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