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Current version of GED test to expire at end of 2013

The test for the Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma, know as a General Education Development (GED) diploma, is transitioning to a computer based test only. The current version of the GED test will expire at the end of 2013. The current version, known as the 2002 Series GED test, will be replaced with the new 2014 GED test on January 2, 2014, and this new test will be taken on a computer with no paper based test offered. The cost of the GED will increase from $40 to $120.  Four content areas in the new GED test include: Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Those who have taken the current version 2002 Series GED test, but not passed all five parts, have until December 21, 2013 to pass or they will need to start over again in January 2014 with the new GED test in order to receive their high school credential. Online registration for taking the GED in 2013 will close on September 30. Those wishing to have 120 days after registering to take the test must register by August 9. Test-takers can still sign up for the test after September 30, but they must go to a testing center to register.

Rodman Library has resources to help test-takers with their literacy, mathematics, science and computer skills. LearningExpress Library, an online database available on Rodman’s website, offers practice exams for reading, writing, social studies, mathematics and science along with skill building modules focused on essay writing, reading and mathematics. To help prepare for the GED, the library also carries the study guides Master the GED and Cracking the GED. According to Ohio ABLE (Adult Basic and Literacy Education), the list of skills test-takers will need for computer based tests are keyboarding, mouse maneuverability and navigation skills. Rodman Library offers classes in Computer Basics, Touch Type Basics and Internet basics. A mouse tutorial is available on each public computer for use by anyone interested in improving mouse skills.

Support is also available in Alliance at the Alliance Career Center and the Alliance Neighborhood Community Center. The Canton City Schools offer a variety of free courses in writing, reading and math to help prepare for all sections of the GED test that are taught at the Alliance Career Center and the Alliance Neighborhood Center offers classes to help prepare for the test.

The GED test opens doors to college, better jobs, the respect adults deserve, and the satisfaction of earning a high school credential, so it is important that everyone is aware of this deadline. GED test-takers must act now to finish and pass before the current test expires. The GED test has opened doors to better jobs and college programs for more than 18 million graduates since 1942. Last year nearly 800,000 adults sat for the GED test, which is accepted by virtually all U.S. colleges and employers. As the creator of the official GED test, GED Testing Service has a responsibility to ensure that the program continues to be a reliable and valuable pathway to a better life for the millions of adults without a high school credential.

For more information call Rodman Library at 330-821-2665, the Alliance Career Center at 330-829-2267 or the Alliance Neighborhood Center at 330-829-0673, or to learn more about GED testing go online to GEDtestingservice.com or finishtheGED.com.

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