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Teen Programs

Author Shelley Pearsall skype visit

Sat, 08/01/2015 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Ohio children's author Shelley Pearsall will meet with us via Skype to talk about her novel, "All of the Above". During her 30-minute Skype visit, Shelley will take questions about the book and her life as an author.

Lego Robotics

Tue, 03/10/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

DJ 01/20/2015

Lego Robotics

Mon, 03/09/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:30pm

DJ 01/20/2015

"Teen Spot" Open House

Sat, 01/10/2015 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

DJ 12/27/2014

Un-Valentine's Day Party

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Teens, are you tired of all the lovie-dovie Valentine’s Day mush? Yes? Join us on Friday, Feb. 13, from 3 to 5 p.m. as we celebrate Un-Valentine’s Day in the main library’s auditorium. Do black roses, chocolate hearts and cookies with an Un-Valentine’s message sound good? If so, you’ll enjoy crafting roses from black duct tape, molding your own black chocolate heart suckers, decorating broken heart-shaped sugar cookies with a message, and making an Un-Valentine’s Day card.

Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Teens, for intense one-on-one, head-to-head competition, join us on Tuesday, Jan. 13, from  3:00-5:00 p.m., in Rodman’s Main Auditorium for an exciting afternoon with Super Smash Bros. that will be played on the WiiU gaming system. The tournament will start promptly at 3:15 p.m. It will consist of double elimination, best two of three, three lives per match, random characters and random map. Each person gets to pick one map not to play. If either map gets chosen at random, simply hit the random button one more time. Prizes will be awarded to the top three finalists.

Teen Filming

Fri, 11/14/2014 - 2:30pm - 4:30pm

DJ 11/14/2014

Teen Gaming Days

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 01/22/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 02/05/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 02/19/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 03/05/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 03/19/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 04/02/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 04/16/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 04/30/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 05/14/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 05/28/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 06/25/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 07/09/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 07/23/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 08/06/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 08/20/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 09/03/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 09/17/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 10/01/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 10/15/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 10/29/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 11/12/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 11/26/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 12/10/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 12/24/2015 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 01/07/2016 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Thu, 01/21/2016 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

On Thursdays, from 3-5 p.m., area teens, ages 13-18, are invited to Rodman Public Library to play their favorite video games on the Xbox 360 with Kinect, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and WiiU. The sessions will be held Thursdays, February 5 and 19. Visitors will have the opportunity to play a different game each week. Games with ratings from “E” for Everyone, up to”T” for Teen level, will be offered. Along with the video games, the iPad and Nook are available to teens.

Cat Fanciers' Association Holiday Art Display

Mon, 12/01/2014 (All day) - Wed, 12/31/2014 (All day)


Fall Craft

Thu, 11/13/2014 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Teens, ages 12-18, fire up your creativity and join our Teen Librarian in Rodman Main Auditorium as he demonstrates three craft projects using fall’s brilliant colors. The program takes place on Thursday, Nov. 13, from 3 to 5 p.m. Teens can choose to make a “Maple Leaf Rose Bouquet” by folding 10 maple leaves into the shape of a single rosebud, then craft extra rosebuds to make a bouquet, or create a “Candy Corn Candle” using a variety of layered colors that look like a popular fall candy.

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